a bit about steroids.

papi took steroids.

holy fuck! all those home runs are a lie! the championships mean absolutely nothing! FML!

nah. here’s the lie: that any of it mattered in the first place.

i love baseball. i love the red sox. i love fenway park. i love big papi.

as recently as 2 years ago, i took this shit way too fucking seriously.

now, thanks to everybody taking steroids, i have been forced to come to terms with the fact that they are merely guys who play baseball for a living and i am merely a dude who spends too much money on them and time caring about them.

newsflash: you don’t play baseball for a living (well, maybe you do, but i doubt you’re reading this blog) and you did not win a single baseball game for the red sox. you watched them do it, either on tv or in person. you cheered for them, you cried over them, you drank beers when they won, you drank beers when they lost — hell, you just drank a shitload of beers. and that’s about it.

so, please. explain to me how their steroid use has any affect on your life whatsoever?

do yourself a favor. get over it. like them, or don’t like them. but don’t act like anyone betrayed you. especially you, mr. shaughnessy. (you’ve made quite a pretty penny thanks to them, as opposed to the rest of us who have just spent a pretty penny). they may have done permanent damage to their bodies. they may have done something illegal. they may have “cheated” in the eyes of other players who did not. but that’s a problem for them and the people in their industry. all you did was watch and have fun. so what the fuck are you complaining about?

as my friend Mu would say: live ya life.

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3 Responses to “a bit about steroids.”

  1. Quatro Says:

    Cheers to that. And might I suggest for further reading: http://mlb.fanhouse.com/2009/07/30/the-dugout-manny-papi-whatever/

  2. RD Says:

    Big cheaters. They should all be banned for life.

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