top 10 of the decade, part 3: albums

believe it or not, this was the hardest one. i had it down to a top 60 or so and i firmly believe i could have made 6 completely different lists from that.

twitter rules for this. otherwise i’ll think too much about it and get angry again.

10. frank black and the catholics / show me your tears / 2003
the beginning of something really special for frank black as he embraced his country soul. fave tracks: “horrible day” and “coastline.”

9. bright eyes / i’m wide awake, it’s morning / 2005
another folk/country slam-dunk. some really raucus stuff and some beautifully simple treats. fave tracks: “at the bottom…” and “first day…”

8. cody chesnuTT / the headphone masterpiece / 2002
prince meets ween meets al green meets why the fuck hasn’t he made any more music? fave tracks: “boy life in america” and “look good in leather.”

7. the shins / oh, inverted world / 2001
yeah yeah yeah. thank you zach braff for ruining it, except it’s impossible to ruin this album. fave tracks: “know your onion!” and duh.

6. fountains of wayne / welcome interstate managers / 2003
a fantastic concept album about shitty jobs. listen for the homage theme and guess the bands. fave tracks: “valley winter song” and “hackensack.” both and neither are about somerville.

5. vampire weekend / vampire weekend / 2008
an intriguingly layered musical event with sublimely short oddball lyrical ideas. fave tracks: “campus” and “cape cod kwassa kwassa.”

4. ben folds / rockin’ the suburbs / 2001
the storytelling pop album of the decade. fave tracks: “still fighting it” and “not the same.”

3. green day / american idiot / 2004
almost hard to say anything more. it’s our “tommy.” fave tracks: “jesus of suburbia” and “wake me up when september ends.”

2. bruce springsteen / the rising / 2002
the boss reminds us why he’s the boss. lasting memories from pre- and post- 9/11. bringing the rock and the sadness closer and farther apart. fave tracks: “mary’s place” and “my city of ruins.”

1. the postal service / give up / 2000
haunting and quirky, wall-to-wall originality. can’t understand why death cab is so much more popular. this album told us what the decade would be like and they were right. fave tracks: “the district sleeps…” and “nothing better.”


One Response to “top 10 of the decade, part 3: albums”

  1. nick Says:

    jeremy, if i remember my high school math correctly, you could have actually come up with 2..73589847 × 10^17 completely different top ten lists from your original set of the top 60 albums. not just 6. get with it.

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